The cultural influence of durags is more incident than you would think. You probably have seen the pieces of cloth wrapped around the head for decades, but have you ever taken a moment and thought from where they originate and who introduced it? Are you interested in knowing the history of durag? Today, this article is all about those questions which have been in your mind for many years. 

So let’s get started and find out some history! 

What Is a Durag?

It’s a piece of cloth or a wave cap that black people wear around the head. It’s worn to accelerate the waves' development, dreadlocks, and braids in the hair. These are also used to keep the wave patterns at the place while sleeping. This cloth could be made of silk, velvet, and various types of fabrics.

Where They Originate From?

Back in the 19th century, durag was worn by African American women slaves to hold their hair. However, in the 1930s, during the Harlem renaissance, durag used to maintain hairstyles. Late in the 1960s, after the Black Power Movement, the durag became the leading fashion statement, and various athletes, wrappers, and other men started wearing it. 

In the 2000s, they lost their public popularity in various areas, but not in all. Due to rappers like A$AP Ferg, Meek Mill, and various other celebrities and the popularity of waves, these durags regained their status. Nowadays, it’s worn by many celebrities of both genders as a fashion statement. They come in different colors and fabrics, and use by the people of all ages of both genders.

Who Created Them?

Well, there is no exact history about who created them, but the trend of using a scarf to keep the hairstyle in place leaped forward back in the 70s. However, Darren Dowdy, the president of So Many Waves, claims his dad, William J. Dowdy, invented Durag as a crucial part of the hair grooming kit. He called durag a tie-down, and so they were first sold in 1979. 

Darren Dowdy further added that his father wanted to keep the hair in place, and the idea was to keep a natural, tightly coiled hair structure at its place. This tie-down is used to protect hair patterns.

Why Was It Created?

Thanks to the way our hair grows out, but keeping them down and free from frizzing could be challenging. To keep 360 waves at the place, it’s necessary for hair to lay down and stays down, and that’s why durag was invented. These can sit tight on the head, and help make the hair flat.

Similarly, braids can have the same issue that 360 waves do, frizzy over time. Durags were invented to work for keeping braids together, especially while sleeping. In simple words, these were invented to keep hairstyles intact.