Waterproof level

The waterproof level of the general fishing alarm is IPX4 ------ waterproof splash and rain, because outdoor fishing will inevitably encounter the rainy season, the rainwater is rich in oxygen, which causes the oxygen content in the water to increase,.And the rain washes the shore, the food goes into the water, the fish are more active when it rains. "Fish mouth" is also better, so the waterproof design of the fishing alarm is very important.

Sensitivity adjustment

During the fishing process, many conditions will affect the "fish mouth", such as different target fish, light mouth in winter, running water, wind and other factors. If the sensitivity cannot be adjusted, it will cause false alarms or fail to convey the fish information in time.

Loop alarm function

Some fish will swim towards the angler after swallowing the hook. At this time, the fishing line will be slack. The fishing alarm with loop alarm function will detect the slack of the fishing line and issue an alarm to remind the angler.

Automatic offline function

After catching the fish, the fishing line will automatically fall off from the fishing alarm with automatic line-off function. There is no need to manually remove the fishing line, so that the angler can raise the rod and stab the fish in the first time without worrying about the fishing alarm. Hanging on the line affects Boyu's mood.

Volume adjustment

The angler can freely adjust the sound volume of the fishing alarm according to his own environment and preferences. For example, if the alarm sound is too high at a close distance, it will make the angler feel uncomfortable. Adjust the volume to a lower volume until the volume is turned off. ; Another example: if you need to rest in a tent slightly far from the fishing spot, you need to increase the volume; the so-called volume adjustment of many current fishing alarms is actually only the adjustment of the tone, not the adjustment of the volume, and the angler needs it when buying distinguish.

LED indicator

At present, most fishing alarms have LED lights, whose function is to turn on the LED lights after catching the fish to alert the angler with a light signal, which is especially suitable for night fishing. Specifically, there is the difference between a single-color LED light and a two-color LED light. In particular, the two-color LED light flashes alternately in red and blue in the dark, which is particularly eye-catching.


The current of the alarm can reach tens of milliamperes when it alarms. Currently, there are products that use alkaline batteries and button batteries. The alkaline battery has a large power. The disadvantage is that it is large and the button battery is small, but the size is small, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.